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Roots to Boots Festival 2018

Date: Thursday, June 14 2018 to Sunday, June 17 2018

A 4-day festival celebrated on both sides of Cape Breton Island. The festival begins in Louisbourg with an event offering traditional meals and local musicians from the area. There will be guided hikes within the Historical site offered by a popular hiking group as well as kitchen parties and fine dining in true 1800’s fashion. Celebrations will begin early in Chéticamp with a tribute to popular Cape Breton fiddler Arthur Muise at the Doryman Pub & Grill. Many well-known fiddlers will be invited to take the stage to pay tribute to Arthur and his exceptional contribution to Cape Breton Music. Other activities include several guided hikes in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, a community kitchen party offering local talent and traditional Acadian food along with storytelling. Join a party of all parties at the Doryman Pub & Grill where musicians meet to share their traditional talents. Sunday treat dad to a father’s day brunch and an evening camp fire with storytelling and traditional sing along tunes. The beauty of these cultural and historical villages, along with the National Park and Heritage site will create incredible memories for all those who partake. 


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