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Alfred LeBlanc: Portraits of Cape Breton

Date: Friday, June 28 2024 to Thursday, August 15 2024

Alfred LeBlanc has done Cape Breton Island a great service by offering to share what his eyes and lens see when at home in Western Cape Breton. And what he sees is us. Visit the J. Franklin Wright Gallery at Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre to see this absorbing exhibition. Says LeBlanc: “My life-long passion has been photography and I have most enjoyed pursuing that passion in Cape Breton. While I have loved photographing Cape Breton’s natural scenery, it is the people of Cape Breton that I have most enjoyed visiting and photographing. They are so welcoming. There is something about their rooted sense of place. In the clutter of their personal settings, entirely without pretence, they have been happy to have visitors, and to share stories. Their authenticity as people made them remarkably good photographic subjects.” Gallery hours are 10am-8pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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