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Bochans and a Birthday

Date: Friday, September 29 2023

The Society for the Ships of 1801 is pleased to present their newest show entitled Bochans and a Birthday.

The society is a group of some 35 cast members who come together each year to provide an original thematic concert. The last six shows have been set in a traditional style Ceilidh House on the Keppoch. The Ceilidh House was common to most communities and gave the neighbours a chance to gather, exchange news, gossip, do some courting, sing, dance and create some humour. This show is again based on the Keppoch where Maggie MacLean is celebrating her birthday but she has forbidden us from publishing her exact age saying that she is actually much younger then some neighbours have been saying. Invitations have gone out and anyone who accepts is expected to contribute to the celebration. All plans are going well until two problems arise. First, there is the unwelcome visit by Kitty from behind Bochan Lake. We will leave it up to you to decide if she should be welcome when you get to meet her. Secondly, a big black dog has shown up again at the Black Brook Bridge and that is a problem because according to Lisa Murphy, Maggie and the Black Dog have an unpleasant history. Then there is the appearance of Billy the Bochan who has a run in with both the Black Dog and the RCMP while his patience wife Mary Agnes tries to improve his social habits. Maggie would love to have you all at the party so if you like a good time come on over.

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