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Festival de L’Escaouette

Date: Thursday, August 1 2024 to Sunday, August 4 2024

Experience the vibrant spirit of Le Festival de L’Escaouette, a four-day extravaganza of music, culture, and community unity from August 1st to 4th. Delight in the rhythmic melodies that fill the air as talented musicians grace the stage throughout the festival. Witness the joyous spectacle of the children’s parade and the grandeur of the main parade, where colorful displays and lively performances showcase the essences of our shared heritage. Unleash your creativity at the mask making workshop, or lace up your running shoes for the exhilarating festival race. Join us for the opening ceremony at Place du Pêcheur, followed by a Talent Night that promises an evening of spectacular performances. Don’t miss the festival party, a lively gathering featuring music from local and non-local talent, dancing, and unforgettable memories. Children will delight in a plethora of activities tailored just for them, ensuring smiles and laughter all around. Come together in reflection and celebration at the Festival Mass, a moment of unity and gratitude. The festival reaches its peak with a dazzling Gala, featuring music from Le Grand Cercle that will transport attendees back to their first performance in 2004 during the Congrès mondial acadien, commemorating their 20th anniversary. Additionally, immerse yourself in the beauty of local art at the Art Exposition held at La Place Père-Anselme Chaisson throughout the festival, offering a glimpse into the creativity and talent of our community. Join us for a celebration of culture, creativity, and connection at Le Festival de L’Escaouette!

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