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The Relatives

Date: Saturday, May 11 2024

The Relatives, are a Mi’kmaq music group who began entertaining a little over thirty years ago. With more than enough musical experience, the lead vocalist Darren Stevens, along with his brother Robert on bass, cousin Tom Sylliboy on guitar, with brothers Stan & Tom Johnson on keyboards and drums along with their cousin Derek accompanying Darren on vocals, the Relatives began their unforgettable “1000 plus” shows for the next three decades. They have played in various venues across the Maritimes and parts of Quebec and Ontario. The highlight of their career came from the release of their first album “Shining Star“in 1999. They provide a unique sound of the “past and present” in pop music from artists and bands ranging from John Cougar Mellencamp to the Eagles and Beatles. Their vocal styles and harmonies have resounded throughout many indoor and outdoor performances. They are known for their unbeatable energy on stage and distinctive cultural style that gets each audience member up from their seats to dance to many of their original songs such as “Kwe’ji’juow” and “Nutepaqn”. They have encouraged many aspiring musicians, young and old, to pursue their dreams and to believe that if “The Relatives” were able to do it, they can too!

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