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Chimney Corner Beach

This is the choice of local folks not only because of its sheer size, but also its privacy from the road. This gorgeous, clean beach is cradled in a cove, and offers safe swimming with long shallow water areas and great views. It also offers a clean, shallow, fresh water stream which crosses the beach and empties into the Gulf; kids love playing in and around it. There’s rocky point to be explored, even in bare feet; the path has been worn smooth by generations of curious traffic. Cape Bretoners travel from Baddeck and Sydney to enjoy Chimney Corner’s perfection. The gravel road to the
beach is located on the right, at the bottom of a dip (you’ll also see a blue bungalow on the corner, about 8 km. south of Margaree Harbour, just a little south of the Cape Breton Clay shop and pond). At the end of the road, there’s plenty of parking in a grassy lot beside the beach.

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