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Lewis Mountain

Length:   15 km (9.4 mi) rtn
Hiking Time:   4+hr
Type of Trail:   compacted earth, natural surface
Uses (no snow):   walking, ATVs
Uses (snow):   snowmobiling, snowshoeing
Facilities:   none
Dog Use:   off-leash permitted

Gov't Topo Map:   11F14 (Whycocomagh), 11K03 (Lake Ainslie)
Rating (1-5):   4 [unmaintained route]

Trailhead GPS Reference:   N 45º 59” 34.6’ W 61º 00” 28.0’               

Access Information: From Exit 5 in Whycocomagh, drive north on Highway 105 toward Sydney for 11-km (7-mi) to Exit 6. At intersection, turn left onto dirt track; park on left of electrical transformer. Path is continuation of dirt track.

Introduction: Climbing from near Whycocomagh Bay to a highlands Plateau more than 200m (650ft) above, the Lewis Mountain Road can be a hiker’s delight. The first half of the trail is exceptionally attractive, following MacPherson’s Brook up a narrow ravine through a lush hardwood forest. Families will enjoy the first section of this walk, as there is easy access to the chuckling brook.

However, after only 2 km (1.25 mi), the road leaves MacPherson’s Brook and itself becomes a creek-bed, with young trees nearly blocking the path. For many, turning back when they reach the first bridge will provide the best experience. More experienced explorers will want to follow the former at least as far as its junction with the Pulp Company Road atop the hill, 7.5 km from your start, or even the rest of the distance to Lake Ainslie: 10.6 km one way. Little evidence remains of the former settlement that was once found on the top of the mountain.

Cautionary Notes: Wildlife. Hunting permitted. Motorized vehicles. Cell phone dead zones.

Ratings are designated from 1 to 5 indicating suitability for all fitness and experience levels, with 5 being suitable only for experienced and very fit outdoor people. Novices should only choose level 1 and 2 hikes, and work their way up. Level 4 and 5 hikes have indicators associated with their ratings.

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